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What you can expect: Stilting support!

oregon-country-fair-stiltingThis a resource place for anyone interested in stilting. We carry all the equipment you will need. We have two principal designs in aluminum and wood that we are really happy with. On the horizon we are working on a design that will integrate ankle movement and allow more fluid movement and we’re very excited about our arm stilts which are really great when creating four legged creatures.

We video our outings and outings of other troupes. Not only is this great entertainment value but this is a window into what other stilters are up to with their costumes, tricks, music and all levels of entertainment. Maybe you are even thinking of starting your own stilting troupe or adding stilting to your act. We can help you there. We have a series of interviews with different stilt troupe members to find out how they got started and what they love most about performing.

No matter what level of stilting you are interested in, we want to be your go to resource. As we continue to learn and practice our craft we are happy to pass that along to you and share some of the fun. Also we love to hear from you. Got any stories of lugging your stilts to foreign lands? Maybe you stilted with Moko Jumbies in Trinidad? Maybe you are a Moko Jumbie? (Definitely on our bucket list). Check out David’s pictures from Java last year on our Facebook page and see the father and son stilters he just happened to run into.

If you are a DIYer and just want some instructions to make your own stilts. We got that too! We have a materials list here on the website along with a YouTube video that walks you thru the steps of making your own wood stilts. If you can change a door handle and a deadbolt on a door, we think you can make your own pair of wood stilts. Then maybe you want some tips on how to walk for the first time? You can also find that here on the website. Did we mention that is FREE?! Help yourself to the materials list, the videos and the instruction. We just love giving back, knowing you are going to be out there having a ton of fun and making people smile. Get ready to feel like an instant rock star up there. The magic of stilting is immediate and obvious when you are doing it, not only to the stilter but to everyone around you.


  1. Hi! I would like to ask the difference in your design compared to I work out with many circus performers and know a girl who has your aluminum stilts, she does pole with them. I wanted to try them first b4 investing so much out the gate so i ordered wooden peg stilts, although I can use them on the pole and do a few tricks…I cannot WALK in them. Honestly, being an athlete i would never suspected this… the foot pads seem off and feet will not stay straight like its just the design or not level or something I have yet to figure out. I would like to know if this is just something I am doing wrong or if they may be somehow “off” also how much lighter are the aluminum than the wood. I love these and determined to learn to dance in them!! Would appreciate any advice, no one , even at my circus gyms seem to teach this…I am in Vegas and looking for a stilt dance instructor only class for stilts here is juggling…..any advice

    • Hi Jennifer
      So your friend is dancing on a pole with the stilts? That is awesome. I’ve done a routine on aerial silks and my stilts and I think it went over pretty well. It’s great to mix the mediums. I would say in terms of the comfort of your stilts, no mater who made them is to fit them to your body. There’s several points of adjustment you can make and some performers need all of them perfectly adjusted, so just be patient and you’ll get there. First notice how you stand in front of a mirror. Are you bull legged or do your lower legs pronate out? If bl then I would tend to secure your shoes further away from the shin support, if pronate I would move the foot closer to the shin support. Capiche? Next is how far forward or back is your shoe mounted. In both of these adjustments 1/4″ is a big deal. Lastly is the height of the shin pad or knee strap. I like it just below the knee, so that you can do a full knee squat and hug your choice of groundlings 🙂 Hope this helps. I don’t know anyone doing actual classes on stilting in your city, but do know that there are a lot of performers from all the Vegas orders we get. I’m sure you’ll find your people. Best~D

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