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The Basics of Stilt Walking

This video is the second of a two part series. In the first video we showed you how to make your own wood stilts. If you have come along with us this far, then there’s no stopping you now. You’ve gotten the call! We are stoked that you are along with us. Keep in mind you are about to embark on an activity that your brain is going to find really foreign, very much like you are walking for the first time. You will be using a different group of muscles than you are used to, AND your ankles are not able to move in the stilts. Take as much time and caution as you need. Stilting is fun after you have successfully acquired some basic skills. The art and sport of Stilting is far better with friends and you will learn faster with in a group. Choose a safe area, such as grass, away from any obstacles that you could fall onto. Wear head gear and knee pads. Make sure your stilts are built solid, that the wood is not split, cracked or knotty. You are responsible for your own safety and your own joy.

To answer a very popular question, “What happens if I fall?” First, follow the advice in the video: Keep your legs from crossing, keep your weight over the stilts, lift your knees as you walk and only put weight down when your sure your stilt is planted firmly on the ground. Keep an eye out ahead of where you are walking. These practices and precautions will take care of a lot of safety issues and make you feel more comfortable. If you find yourself falling, the best advice is to curl up like a ball and do your best job at rolling. Try not to fall like a tree – TIMBER! It’s a long way down that way. The best maneuver is to take a short cut to the ground by curling up.

We hope you have an incredible time and wish you the best of luck as you build your new skill!


  1. Glad you’re wearing a helmet in the video, but you should also be wearing hard knee pads. They are just as important piece of safety equipment as helmets.

    • Mike, I totally agree and thanks for pointing that out. I’m looking forward to doing more videos on the basics of Stilting and creating videos that help people move into higher skill levels.

  2. Mike Sweeten aka Tigger says:

    Thanks for your help looking forward to other great year on the playa with new stilts.

    • Great to talk to you today, you got me inspired for a trip out to the Playa. If I make it out I will definitely look you up! Sounds like you have a great camp. ~ Best, D

  3. Thank you for sharing your joy with so much love, detail and enthusiasm.

  4. Thanks this really helps I am in 6th grade and will be wearing stilts in our new play the lion king as a giraffe

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