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Stilting Ambassador, Sales and Allies

We can’t say enough how much we appreciate the love and support we are receiving from all directions! You’ll notice that we’ve added a few things to the store. We have some really affordable and cool kids stilts in multi colors, we now carry two styles of Stilt pants and yes we have a great sale going on for the month of August. Buy two or more Aluminum Stilts and receive 20% off your order.
Here’s a few memorable highlights of the Summer so far. While visiting Chicago I brought three pairs of stilts  PLUS three pairs of stilt pants in a snow board bag! I was determined to be a Stilting Ambassador on my trip back home. With my niece Shannon and nephew Kyle we decided to renegade stilt Millennium Park. This is showcase Chicago, on Michigan Avenue, right next to the fabulous Art Institute of Chicago and home to the very photographed sculpture “Cloud Gate”, known to all Chicagoans as simply “The Bean”. Chicagoans are very real that way.
We circumambulated the Bean and found the most ideal spot to stilt up.  Recognizing that our renegade Stilting wasn’t going fly with such a tightly monitored area we moved fast and Kyle was amazing in his role as first time action photographer. I managed to get on my stilts and outfit and began moving around the BEAN. It was really amazing to be playing with this massive shiny stainless steel sculpture. (Next time I plan to return with a performance permit and 20 stilters to do an incredible dance performance.) It was even more dynamic and fun to play with the crowd. Suddenly without a notice a woman pushed her occupied baby stroller between my legs, while I held up the BEAN. Ha Ha, now there is an act of trust! I’m sure many performers would love to use this area for a stage and we just had our ten minutes of fame when the posse of large security guards started coming our way. I know they didn’t want to do their job but at least we had our time and serious fun doing it.
A few weeks later in San Francisco we had a good time at the Treasure Island Flea Market and connected quite a few people to the Joy of Stilting, not to mention a free pass to camp on the Island which was pretty cool with San Francisco in the background. Then out of that event we were recruited by the San Francisco Opera to appear in their production of Mephistopheles. Really! However while only one of us is able to make all the rehearsals and performances the rest of us will certainly show up to love and support such an incredible adventure. We can definitely see a video coming out of that 😉 We also continue to have lots of fun and support by Stilting First Fridays here in Santa Cruz.  Of course many other Cities do the same and it’s such a good excuse to strap on the stilts and walk the crowds. Speaking of walking the crowds, if you are interested in advanced Stilting and world class choreography then coming up in San Francisco will be the Global Stilt Congress from August 12-16th, facilitated by three stilt theater company directors from three continents! Details at
We are excited to make the acquaintance of Circus Now, located in Chicago. We feel so aligned with their mission of bringing the Circus Arts out into a broader audience, “We want to shake the country awake to the vibrancy and diversity of the circus as an art and a lifestyle. We want to tell stories about how the circus has changed our lives for the better, how it has given us hope and health, confidence and community.” Stilt Factory is proud to be one of their many Allies! Visit them and their movement. They are hosting the upcoming Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival in January. I hope to see you there!
"Yes, I am holding up this Bean, with one hand"

“Yes, I am holding up this Bean, with one hand”20130610_0059webblog



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