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Stilter Profile: Dalyte Kodzis

At almost every stilt outing I encounter those that are so taken with stilting that they ask a million questions. To see all that enthusiasm makes me want to get them up on stilts right now(!) so they can feel the thrill themselves. Our mission here is just that, to spread the accessibility of stilting to all who are interested. From the first time I saw stilters and was so thrilled by them but I had no outlet, it remained a mystery to me for another several years until I finally met a great group of stilters who invited me in and helped me make my first pair of stilts. We don’t want you to have to wait that long. We want you to be able to stilt NOW and encourage you to get started. Right here at we free instructional video on “How to make wood stilts,” and “The basics of Stilt Walking.

Now we are going one step further and presenting stilter profiles! One of the best ways we can think of to inspire stilting is to ask the stilters about themselves and how they started. The more stories you hear on how people got started, the easier you realize it is. This week we sat down with our friend and fellow stilter Dalyte Kodzis. She has been stilting for three years now and has taken to it with grace and ease. She has her own unique contribution to the art of stilting. Her generous heart, playful spirit and gifts as an opera singer create a stilting persona like no other. We are so happy to bring her to you. Hopefully you are as inspired to bring your gifts forward.

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