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The Lighting Ceremony at Burning Man 2013.

Lighting ceremony at Burning Man 2013 Some people live a beautifully integrated life, they’ve always known what they wanted and the path was known. I have always known I love epic experiences so I have been all over the map for decades. Skills and knowledge I have acquired have more times than not been relegated to different corners of my life, with no integration. Learned skills and passions that lay dormant for too long take more time to stoke up into a roaring fire. Life is often a … [Read more...]

Stilting Ambassador, Sales and Allies

We can't say enough how much we appreciate the love and support we are receiving from all directions! You'll notice that we've added a few things to the store. We have some really affordable and cool kids stilts in multi colors, we now carry two styles of Stilt pants and yes we have a great sale going on for the month of August. Buy two or more Aluminum Stilts and receive 20% off your order. Here's a few memorable highlights of the Summer so far. While visiting Chicago I brought three … [Read more...]

What you can expect: Stilting support!

This a resource place for anyone interested in stilting. We carry all the equipment you will need. We have two principal designs in aluminum and wood that we are really happy with. On the horizon we are working on a design that will integrate ankle movement and allow more fluid movement and we’re very excited about our arm stilts which are really great when creating four legged creatures. We video our outings and outings of other troupes. Not only is this great entertainment value but this is … [Read more...]