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The Basics of Stilt Walking

This video is the second of a two part series. In the first video we showed you how to make your own wood stilts. If you have come along with us this far, then there’s no stopping you now. You’ve gotten the call! We are stoked that you are along with us. Keep in mind you are about to embark on an activity that your brain is going to find really foreign, very much like you are walking for the first time. You will be using a different group of muscles than you are used to, AND your ankles … [Read more...]

How to make your own wood stilts

The video will show you how to construct a pair of wooden peg stilts. Our minimum requirement is a safe pair of stilts. Our maximum desire is to have a high level of joy! The skill level necessary is comparable to installing a new door lock. It might be helpful if I explain my approach. Ideally you are using a good grade of wood and not looking to save money here because you are going to rely on these stilts to carry your weight safely. I weigh 165 and find that these stilts held up well … [Read more...]