About Stilt Factory

david-stiltsCreated by David Hanson, an inventor, builder and performer in Santa Cruz, California. David started off like most Stilters and made a pair of wood stilts for himself. After joining a group of friends who had been stilting for years, they shared with him their ideas, experiences and need for a good pair of stilts. David loves the creative challenge.

At Stilt Factory we put our hearts and minds into providing you with an excellent product. We stand behind everything we make and meticulously craft each pair of stilts. We believe that each one of us has an equally great part to play in the design, manufacture and sales of our products and we are always open to improving that process as we grow.

We believe in creating the world we want to live in. More than just selling items, we are doing what we love. We are building relationships while conducting our business in forward thinking, sustainable and responsible ways. Our company motto is “Don’t Postpone Joy.” Simple, fun and deep this is a great reminder that what we create is how we create.

Stilt Factory Vision:

Stilt Factory is a resource for bringing the excitement of stilting to all who are interested by streamlining and accelerating the process of becoming a stilter. It is our mission to provide equipment, encourage skill and connect stilters with each other, their events and audiences. We believe stilting, like many of the Circus Arts is going thru both a revival and an awakening into new forms. We believe each art is a unique outlet waiting for the performers in all of us. We want to be there to help this along.