The Lighting Ceremony at Burning Man 2013.

Lighting ceremony at Burning Man 2013 Some people live a beautifully integrated life, they’ve always known what they wanted and the path was known. I have always known I love epic experiences so I have been all over the map for decades. Skills and … [Read more]

Stilting Ambassador, Sales and Allies

We can't say enough how much we appreciate the love and support we are receiving from all directions! You'll notice that we've added a few things to the store. We have some really affordable and cool kids stilts in multi colors, we now carry two … [Read more]

The Basics of Stilt Walking

This video is the second of a two part series. In the first video we showed you how to make your own wood stilts. If you have come along with us this far, then there’s no stopping you now. You’ve gotten the call! We are stoked that you are along … [Read more]

Stilter Profile: Dalyte Kodzis

At almost every stilt outing I encounter those that are so taken with stilting that they ask a million questions. To see all that enthusiasm makes me want to get them up on stilts right now(!) so they can feel the thrill themselves. Our mission here … [Read more]

How to make your own wood stilts

The video will show you how to construct a pair of wooden peg stilts. Our minimum requirement is a safe pair of stilts. Our maximum desire is to have a high level of joy! The skill level necessary is comparable to installing a new door … [Read more]

What you can expect: Stilting support!

This a resource place for anyone interested in stilting. We carry all the equipment you will need. We have two principal designs in aluminum and wood that we are really happy with. On the horizon we are working on a design that will integrate ankle … [Read more]